The company is able to combine the efficiency of the performance with the refinement of the design in the interior design of the premises for the administration, breweries, pubs, bars, restaurants, clubs, stores and everything that belongs to the interior. We are specialized in custom design and for years we are able to combine our ideas with those of our customers, the result? Being able to satisfy and materialize the dream of people in search of a unique and hardly repeatable environment.

Every detail is studied with the utmost attention and nothing is left to chance, thinking about everything compared to the client's starting ideas and analyzing the idea of menus to be offered to customers to advise the best equipment to be inserted and putting a brake on waste at the start, planning in tred-union, the living room and kitchen environments considering management costs and employees' path.

The architect Orlando Rosario loves giving life to the locals, giving his own identity and personality. Among these elements, combined with the passion and skills of highly qualified personnel, able to produce everything to measure, there is an activity that involves a high expenditure of energy and effort. This is why many companies do not offer this service. The fundamental principle is the customer's focus and satisfaction. The company's goal is to be an icon of success, reliability, quality and elegance in the design and construction of interior spaces.


To develop a project it is necessary to follow precise methods without leaving anything to superficiality and improvisation. A serious and reliable project is in fact defined with care in every aspect. Every phase of the operation from the meeting with the customer for the development of the first design idea, up to the installation of the furniture must be done with absolute precision and professionalism in order to guarantee an excellent result and up to expectations

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